For those not privy, there has been a fairly significant resurrection in alt-metal/punk bands in the past decade or so.  Throughout most of the 2000s, it was practically taboo for any alternative/indie bands to have anything remotely abrasive or aggro in their sound, and music suffered a lot as a result.  This was all part of the Nu-Metal backlash and coupled with the depressing realities of living in a post-9/11 world, I suppose it all made sense on paper, but it sure did result in a lot of impotent, spineless, and pretentious music coming to the forefront during that decade.  But fortunately, for fans of raw and unhinged music, there has been a new crop of punk-infused alt-metal that has reared it's ugly head in recent years.  

Pissed Jeans and METZ are two good examples of bands leading the charge to make indie-rock ugly and heavy again, and now they have some pretty stiff competition from Atlanta's Whores, whose debut full-length album (Gold) is just as good as anything the aforementioned bands have released to date.  Like those bands, Whores channel the noisy, punky fuzz of their forefathers Jesus Lizard and marry it up with the metallic, pounding sludge of The Melvins to create a pretty belligerently heavy sound.  It's got the unhinged quality of Pissed Jeans, but with more focus and potency.  It's like if Pissed Jeans were less focused on being noisy and more focused on cooking up a nasty mosh pit.  Also like Pissed Jeans, there is a comedic bent to Whores sound, primarily because they're middle-aged dudes that ferociously rage away with song titles like "Participation Trophy", "Mental Illness As Mating Ritual", and "I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt".  Needless to say these guys have a contempt for modern society, but they also clearly have a healthy sense of humor about it too.

So all that is well and good to be aware of, but what's most important to take home from these guys is they kick a pretty serious amount of ass.  Sure, they're borrowing heavily from the sounds of yesteryear, but I would argue they're doing the alt-sludge-punk thing just as good as their forefathers did it and perhaps better than their peers are currently doing it now.  

Cheers to a new down and dirty heavy band entering the game with full force and a reasonable amount of potential to keep wreaking havoc on the scene for years to come.  Whores are the real deal.


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