La Sexorcisto

White Zombie


This is White Zombie's best album because it's the most rock n'roll and the least tacky.  It also happens to have the best songs overall, and kind of a cheap, rawer quality than his future albums would display.  The grooves and rhythm found here were hugely influential to a lot of the alternative-rock/metal bands that would sprout up in the wake up this.  Heavy-metal that you can dance to...what a concept.


Astrocreep 2000

White Zombie


I've always really dug the opener…sets the tone for the album…big, dumb, loud, techno-metal for strippers.  Gotta love the beats and the groove, but this one comes off as tackier and more polished than La Sexcercisto.  It has it's moments, but overall not as good as their debut.


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