Who's Next

The Who


When you think about classic bands that were born in the 1960s, The Who often times get lost in the sea of epicness when compared to the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc.  Granted, that's some pretty stiff competition, and while The Who definitely made some quality/influential albums in the 60s ("My Generation", "Tommy") they didn't really hit their stride until 1971's "Who's Next", an album that many people (including yours truly) perceive to be their best.  For this reviewer, it's no contest.  To these ears, Who's Next is easily the most enjoyable and listenable album The Who ever put out.  And that's largely because they avoid the "concept album" theme there, and just focus on making fantastic songs.  Not to say that The Who's prior album "Tommy" wasn't good, but being that it's an epic concept album, it can be a bit of a challenging listening experience.  That's not the case on "Who's Next".  The entire album is definitely easy on the ears, but haven said that, there's still some groundbreaking music to be found on the album.  Nobody made songs that sounded like "Baba O'Riley" or "Won't Get Fooled Again", which are two of the band's all-time great songs.  And who can forget the awesome "Bargain" which is arguably the best song on the album for this reviewer.  Who's Next also has a couple of outstanding ballads in "The Song Is Over" and "Behind Blue Eyes".  Two great songs.  But perhaps the most enjoyable material on Who's Next are the lighter, "breezier" numbers like "Love Ain't For Keeping" and "Going Mobile" for example.  Those songs best encapsulate the vibe of the album, which is mellow (yet engaging) guitar-driven pop-rock.  It's basically early 70s ear-candy.  Overall, "Who's Next" kind of set the standard for a lot of guitar-rock albums to come in the 70s and even the 80s.  It's an album tailor made for cruising through the countryside on a warm summer's day.  It's a bonafide classic and overall The Who's best album.


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