Deloused In the Comatorium

The Mars Volta


One of the most impressive releases of the past decade, Deloused In The Comatorium is an incredibly dense, prog-rock concept album for the 21st century.  It's an intense listening experience, taking the listener on a mind-bending journey with a comatose patient has he nears his own death.  The instrumentation is consistently incredible throughout the entire album, whether it's the seemingly inhuman drumming abilities of John Theodore, or the mind-blowing guitar playing of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.  The pace is at times frantic and at others sublimely beautiful.  The numerous twists and turns in mood keep the listener thoroughly engaged and on their toes.  There are also salsa and jazz influences to be found here.  This is an album that is meant to be heard in one sitting, straight through (this is a concept album after all).  It can be difficult to digest at times, but overall, The Mars Volta are doing much more here than paying homage to 70s prog-rock, they are evolving it, and in the process, evolving what is possible musically as well.  Deloused In The Comatorium is quite simply an incredibly awesome listening experience.


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