The Dead Weather


The Dead Weather's debut album has a somewhat brooding, dark atmosphere to compliment what is otherwise is a pretty pedestrian garage rock album.  This general menacing vibe makes it sound interesting, and gives the album a somewhat unique vibe.  It doesn't have that annoying, prancy, pretentious vibe that you might expect from this group of indie rock all-stars.  It actually sounds pretty raw and occassionally abraisive at times, sporting a bit of a dirty/dingy groove to boot.

Although somewhat underwhelming, it's not a bad debut album at all, laying the foundation for their next album which proved to be much more saucy/engaging.


Sea of Cowards

The Dead Weather


Sea of Cowards a a decidely more infectious listening experience compared to Horehound.  The Dead Weather have really found their groove here (literally and figuratively).  They have an undeniable chemistry that was somewhat missing from their debut, but here it is flaunted around for all to see.  These songs retain the general menacing and brash vibe of Horehound, but they're delivered with more swagger, and a bit more intensity to boot.  This is a fun, raw, and saucy album, and the majority of the songs are pretty awesome/edgy.  Good stuff.


Dodge and Burn

TDW Dodge and Burn.jpg

The Dead Weather


The Dead Weather would have been hard pressed to top their prior album “Sea of Cowards” but they get very close to doing just that on their first album in half a decade, “Dodge and Burn”.  After 5 years, it’s good to have them back, as they essentially pick up right where “Sea of Cowards” left off, pumping out the same type of saucy garage-rock that made Jack White famous in the first place.  It starts to wear a little thin as the album progresses, as the band’s cutesy posturing starts to come off as a bit tacky after a while, but it’s hard to deny that this isn’t a solid and mostly enjoyable record that would certainly be a lot of fun in a live setting.  When Jack White’s in the mix, how could it not be? 

Random observation: Is the opening bassline from “Three Dollar Hat” essentially identical to Rage Against the Machine’s “Settle For Nothing”, or is it just me?


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