T. Rex

Electric Warrior

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T. Rex


Marc Bolan was a badass, and this fact is best on display on his best album: Electric Warrior.  This album was essentially the first "glam rock" album, but perhaps because it was the first, it doesn't sound as glitzy and flamboyant as other albums to come in the genre.

And honestly, that's why I like it so much.  Electric Warrior has a somewhat campy, artsy, decadent and sexy swagger to it, but it's firmly rooted in the blues.  Although somewhat flashy at times, it's basically less queer (for lack of a better term) than what would come from Bowie in the coming years, and less artsy/ritsy than what Roxy Music would soon pump out.  

Electric Warrior simply rocks out, but in a very smooth, somewhat subdued, seductive way.  And that's what makes it a unique album, because although it's lumped in with glam rock, and does have that air about it, it doesn't sound like any other glam rock album, probably because it was the first of it's kind.  It's probably the best incarnation of that style, and essentially listening around Halloween for your's truly.


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