Yours Truly

Sublime With Rome


Say what you will about Rome...he'll never be Bradley, but it's hard to deny the fact that the dude is a talented singer and guitarist with a keen ear for melody.  But that's also part of the problem too…Your's Truly is too accessible and poppy at times.  It's not dangerous like Sublime originally were, as there's hardly any raunchiness or edge to these songs.  It's just mostly reggae-rock ear candy...some punkish-thrash, but it's rare.  Although the album is pretty good and respectable most of the time, sometimes the poppiness is cringe worthy.  So while there are some undeniably infectious songs to be found here, overall it doesn't really feel like a true Sublime record.  Despite the conflictions I have, I suppose it is enjoyable and satisfying for the most part.


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