Talking Book

Stevie Wonder


This has always been my personal favorite Stevie Wonder album, probably because it was the 1st one I bought.  Practically all of his 70s albums are worth owning, each containing at least a couple of classic songs along with good (and honestly sometimes just average) supporting material.  What sticks out to me about Talking Book is the quality of the supporting material.  TB sports "Superstition" and "YATSOML" as the main hit songs, but basically all the other songs are not only rock solid, but actually really good.  "You and I" is particularly moving, and the rest of the tunes here just feel right.  They feel good, and there's really no filler to speak of here.  I can listen to TB straight through and really enjoy it, it feels like a unified piece.  I can do that with Innervisions too, but I guess I just like the songs better on TB.  And with all due to respect to the sprawling Songs in the Key of Life, this gets my vote for Stevie Wonder's best album.  It's certainly my favorite in his catalog.



Stevie Wonder


This album is kind of like an evolution of Talking Book…"Living for the City" is an example of that evolution, but for the most part, I kind of see it as Talking Book Part II, and like most sequels, it doesn't quite live up the original.  It's good, and has it's share of classics, along with solid supporting material, but I prefer the classics and supporting material on Talking Book to those found on Innervisions...a solid album nonetheless.


Songs in the Key of Life

Stevie Wonder


This is Steve's epic double album from the late 70s.  Some people say it's his best, and you could make a strong argument for that, but it's not my personal favorite.  For all the great songs on here, there's an equal amount that are somewhat forgettable, at least to these ears.  But at the end of the day, it's Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder...it's a classic in pretty much everybody's book.


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