If there were ever a band to have the "Led Zeppelin of the 90s" tag, it would have to be Soundgarden.  There are Zep-tastic riffs galore to be found throughout Superunknown, which stands today as Soundgarden's best album, their magnum opus.  It's as if the band set out to create the ultimate grunge album, and in that respect, they succeeded with flying colors.  For a grunge album, Superunknown is highly listenable, not getting bogged down in the proverbial grungy muck that often characterizes most other albums from the genre.  Superunknown has a distinct groove and swagger to it, as each song flows into the next beautifully.  The album has a good energy and tempo to it, along with a nice mix of more subdued, borderline psychedelic sounding material.  There are a number of classic songs to be found here, such as the funky "Spoonman", the trippy "Black Hole Sun", the breezy "My Wave", and "Fell On Black Days" which is a fantastic ballad.  Additionally, the title track is quite an invigorating listen, and a personal highlight for me has always been the affirming "Fresh Tendrils", along with "The Day I Tried to Live", two great songs.  And Soundgarden even brings a metallic crunch into the frey with the sludgy "4th of July", another awesome song.  Simply put, not only is this Soundgarden's best album, but it's also easily one of the best grunge albums of all-time.  If not the best.


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