Introduction to Mayhem

Primer 55


Rap-metal done right, mainly because it's pretty fucking heavy at times, and pretty fucking pissed.  Unfortunately it's all white guys, as you might expect, so I can't say the rap-portion and associated shit-talking posturing has much credibility, but these guys understand how to channel the raw aggressiveness of rap and marry it perfectly with the mayhem of metal to create a pretty intoxicating blend of slamdance-inducing rage.  Beats and riffs combine to create a pretty potent cocktail of aggro-rap-metal bliss.  It's pure, stupid, hostile, posturing, aggression...check your dignity at the door and prepare to enter mosh/slamdancing heaven...bee-atch...


(The) New Release

Primer 55


This album shows considerable growth from these rap-metal misfits, displaying a surprisingly wide range of styles from ska, the blues, etc.  At it's heart it's still an nu-metal record, but this one tones down the blatant rap-metal posturing considerably.  So while it has more artistic merit, it's less menacing and satisfying for folks like me to felt like they perfected the rap-metal thing on Intro to Mayhem (juvenile as that album was).  So good for them, but overall this album is not nearly as adrenaline-fueling and infectious as their debut.


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