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Pissed Jeans


There was a part of me that was initially somewhat disappointed in this album, but then I realized who we're actually dealing with here.  For all intents and purposes, Pissed Jeans have never really made a "good" album, at least in the traditional sense of the word.  After all, this is a band that specializes in making a sloppy and uniquely disgruntled/frustrated brand of noise-punk that is almost as hilarious to listen to as it is excruciating at times.  But at least on prior albums, there were always a standout banger or two that made some of the listening experience worth it (i.e. "Bathroom Laughter", "False Jesii Part 2", "Boring Girls", etc.), but, for me anyway, it's hard to pinpoint any clear "highlights" on Why Love Now.  Sure, "The Bar Is Low" is OK, but it almost sounds like the band is playing it safe to a degree, with it's going-through-motions, somewhat traditional sounding mid-tempo vibe.  "Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst" is probably the best pure ripper on here, but it's over too soon, only clocking in at the 1:27 mark. I guess the main highlight on the album is the pretty hilarious "I'm A Man", which has all the classic material that has always made Pissed Jeans' lyrics so amusing, but it's spoken-word delivery doesn't really make it feel like a "song" per se.

Pissed Jeans have always been a frustrating band, but, I guess that's the point of their music.  But as opposed to their prior albums, they don't really throw you a legit bone or two on Why Love Now, which is all the more disappointing considering it took them 4 years to cook this new album up.

Overall, it sounds funny to say, but, Pissed Jeans could have made a better agonizing noise-punk album.


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