Pimp-tastic G-Funk from the ATL…their debut album, sounds like most gangsta-rap circa 1994, but better.  Definitely more of a funky west-coast vibe here than east-coast, so it gets kudos for that.  Ultimately they are creating their own unique sound here.  Did I mention the title track is one of the best rap songs of all-time?





The pimps evolve into Aliens, as they get a little trippy and sci-fi at times on this one.  Their flow is still tight as F, as are the beats, but one thing that sticks out about this album is it's soul.  It's actually got a lot of soul, but it's done in a unique way.  Kind of has a subdued, stream-of-consciousness vibe about it at times...it's got depth...very cool album.





This is easily Outkast's best album.  They take the evolution of their sound on ATLiens a few steps further here...ATLiens had a distinctly soulful, subdued vibe about it that casted a certain mood on the listener.  Aquemini has a similar quality, but it feels more profound/experimental after repeated listens.  There are better songs to be found here, more variety, and even more depth.  Even more-so than ATLiens, listening to Aquemini feels like an experience, like you're in a unique headspace, which is quite an accomplishment for a hip-hop album.  Aquemini still has an edge to it, which they kind of lost somewhat on their more accessible albums after this one.  It still feels like a rap album, but there is clearly an evolution of the artform going on here.  It's subtle at first, but upon repeated listens it feels more impressive.  Although they continued to branch-out and experiment on their subsequent albums, they captured something special on Aquemini, a certain vibe that is hard to encapsulate...their best album.


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