My Top 366 Songs of All-Time

Jimi Hendrix once said "music is my religion" and I can relate.  Nothing else really has the power to take me to the extreme highs and extreme lows quite the same way music can. 

This list is a daily countdown of my personal favorite songs of all time.  I've been ranking my favorite songs and albums since I was a teenager, and over time, my favorite songs list has grown into a sprawling Top 500 list (and that just barely scratches the surface).

Being that this is a daily countown, and there are 366 days in 2012, I figured I'd "trim the fat" off my Top 500 list and make it a Top 366 list.  One "song of the day", everyday, for the duration of 2012, culminating with my #1 favorite song of all time on New Year's Eve.

Fans of the old-school (particularly the 60s and 90s) will probably dig it, as this countdown has a decidedly "retro" flavor.  It's got a little bit of everything: rock, rap, blues, country, metal, soul, folk, punk, reggae...you name it, chances are it's got it.

In the words of Ron Burgundy, it's kind of a big deal.

Hope you enjoy.

#366 - "Hold On" - Alabama Shakes

#365 - Stories of the Street - Leonard Cohen

#364 - Alberto Balsalm - Aphex Twin

#363 - Float On - Modest Mouse

I can't say that I'm a big Modest Mouse fan, but this song brings back some intense memories of 2004, my first year on my own in SF.

#362 - Coming Home - G Love & Special Sauce

Very Dylanesque of my boy G Love.  Captures the mindset and free-wheeling spirit of my 21 yr old self, setting out on my own for the first time.  Cheers to finding a place to call home.

In the fall leaves turn brown
Nature sings its song takes its course
Now I know I'll be traveling on
Winter's coming the air is getting cold
Birds are flying down the highway in the sky
This place is changing so am I
I've got to leave it all behind
Then someday I'll be back to claim what's mine
And don't worry
Someday I'll be coming home
Yes and don't worry no,
Someday I'll be coming home
I don't know where I want to go but there's
One thing I know I've got to be on my own
So watch me as I go rambling on down the road
Singing songs of tales untold
Mystery men and the days of old
I'm going where my dreams can be
Where life is not reality
Where visions clad in colors true
Can take me where I'm going to and don't worry
Someday I'll be coming home
Yes and don't worry now,
Someday I'll be coming home
I don't know what I'm looking for
I'm looking for an open door
To take me where I can live my life
The way I want to
I'll do things my way
Right or wrong
Play and sing all day long
Have my land, treat it well
And be kind to my fellow man
You may say that this ain't right
That's how I'll go about my life
I'll be light as a feather floating here and there
I don't know
Someday I'll be coming home
Yes and don't worry now,
Someday I'll be coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Don't worry now

#361 - The Wizard - Black Sabbath

#360 - Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys

Pol Pot

#359 - Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman

#358 - I Could Have Lied - Red Hot Chili Peppers

I could never change just what I feel
My face will never show what is not real


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