Mr. Bungle

Mr. Bungle


Mr. Bungle were the original demented circus carney band from hell, and no album better captures them at their most deranged, depraved, perverted, and delightfully insane than their debut.  This is music for mental patients…on acid.  It's trippy but more maniacally playful than anything else, which makes this album highly entertaining (and disorienting) to listen to.  This sounds like music designed to incite a bad trip...it constantly messes with your head for upwards of an hour straight.  That said, it's not so much abstract as it is just twisted.  It's somewhat juvenile in nature, but the music played here is pretty impressive, and occassionally infectious when they actually stick to more traditional song structures (which is rare).  It is a work of depraved, warped, disturbing art...ocassionally brilliant, but always entertaining.


Disco Volante

Mr. Bungle


Sounds like the aural equivilent to getting a lobotomy.  It plays with your head and scrambles your brains…sometimes in a good way, but too often just gives you a migraine…but it's a cool migraine.  A bizarre aural puzzle…challenging…



Mr. Bungle


I'm not entirely sure why I never really liked this album.  Maybe because it's not as challenging and outright bizarre as Disco Volante, or as immensely entertaining as their self-titled, but for whatever reason, this one has never really done anything for me.  It's, dare I say, "tame", for a Mr. Bungle album.  It does have it's moments, but they're a bit to few and far between for this album to be consistently engaging.  While not bad, it just doesn't live up to prior efforts in my eyes.


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