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With all due respect to the mighty Ace of Spades, Overkill is Motorhead's finest hour.  Released in 1979, Overkill is a beast of a record that was popular with both metal-heads and punk-rockers alike.  Up until that point, no one had really released anything quite as pummeling and recklessly heavy as Overkill.  And that was what helped bridge the gap between punk and metal, the fact that Overkill incorporated the brashness/rawness of punk-rock into somewhat more streamlined heavy-metal songs.  The results were positively infectious, not only from a visceral standpoint, but also because practically as the songs here are pretty damn catchy.  Not in the traditional sense of course, but for a band with such an abrasive reputation, most of the songs here actually go down quite smoothly.  That's a testament to Lemmy's songwriting (which is unabashedly misogynistic at times), but also his ear for melody and great hooks, the latter of which is found in abundance on Overkill.

This is just a great, classic heavy-metal record that was incredibly influential to the litany of metal bands that would spring up in the following decade (not the least of which: Metallica).  One of those albums that sounds good at first, but upon repeated listens cements it's status as a classic. 

R.I.P. Lemmy.


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