Right Back

Long Beach Dub All Stars


The ashes of Sublime + multiple guest musicians sounds about how you might expect it to…underwhelming.  That said, the 1st 3 tracks on the album are all fantastic, but from there the quality drops off fairly significantly.  Haven said that, at least this album has kind of a raunchy/underground vibe about it, which is true to the spirit of Sublime, and they really all do their best to keep that spirit alive and kicking.  So while there are definitely a couple of throwaways, there are some great tracks to cancel them out (which are better than anything they did later with Rome btw).  At the end of the day you're left with a pretty good (albeit flawed) dub-reggee-rock album, which keeps the spirit of Sublime alive and kicking...and that's a good thing.


Wonders of the World

Long Beach Dub All Stars


A few really good songs for any day at the beach, but overall this album is tainted by it's all too poppy vibe…plus a couple of crappy songs.  You take the good with the bad with this type of music.


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