Blues for the Red Sun



One of the best stoner/sludge albums of the 90s.  Plenty of good jams to be found here, particularly the opener "Thumb".  Only thing that holds this album back from being better is John Garcia's vocals, which frankly aren't that good, but the down and dirty sludgey riffs really steal the show here...good shit...


Welcome to Sky Valley



For all intents and purposes, Welcome to Sky Valley is essentially, one long-ass jam session from Sky Valley's finest.  The album is broken up into 3 seperate "movements" (which is really inconvenient for skipping tracks), each of which ebbs and flows through a dense see of down-tuned, stoner-rock riffs and are for the most part pretty satisfying.  Overall though, WTSV fails to live up to it's predeccesor, mainly because the long-winded jams kind of make the album feel bloated and unfocused as a result.  Definitely some good stuff to be found here, if you've got the patience.


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