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Texacaliago is the product of a music junkie with a compulsive need to write about what he loves, and share it with those with similar tastes. The name represents my 3 homes, haven grown up in Texas, lived in San Francisco for 5 years, and my current sweet home Chicago.

Here you will find a virtual treasure trove of somewhat tossed-off (but also occasionally brilliant) album and concert reviews I have accumulated over the years. Although the majority of the reviews here are retrospective in nature, since I started writing freelance for Soundblab.com, I now make it a habit of reviewing new music on a fairly regular basis as well. So look for an equal mix of new retro and current album reviews appearing somewhat frequently throughout 2017 and beyond.

In addition to the library of reviews available here, I’m branching out a bit in 2017 by launching a Facebook page featuring a new “clip of the day” for entertainment purposes, based on the following schedule:

Sunday - Something New Sunday: Partly to prove that Texacaliago is not purely a nostalgia trip, and partly because there is actually a lot of good new music out there, Something New Sunday will showcase new tunes from 2017 or from the past year or two…I may also dig up some gems from earlier in the decade, but will try to keep the selections as current as possible.

Monday - Manic Monday: Monday’s are a grind, so why not listen to some metal/punk/sludge/industrial/hardcore/gangsta rap to make you feel better eh? If you like heavy music that hits hard, I’ll do my best to deliver you the disaffected goods every Monday.

Tuesday - Texacaliago Tuesday: Easily the most boring day of the week, every Tuesday I’ll share a recent or classic album or concert review direct from the site itself. Hooray for reading!

Wednesday - WTF Wednesday: Also known as “Weird Wednesday” (catchy right?) this is the day for all things peculiar, bizarre, perhaps amusing, or occasionally disturbing. Weird is good. We need more weird in this world, so I’ll try to keep you on your toes every Wednesday.

Thursday - Throwback Thursday: I think to qualify as a throwback, it’s gotta be at least 10 years old, so I’ll be digging up an eclectic mix of tunes from 2007 and back that aren’t particularly heavy (Monday has that covered) and not from the 60s (Saturday has that covered). Basically pulling from the near infinite pool of great music made from 1970-2007.

Friday - Funny Friday: It’s comic relief day! Classic and new stand-up, sketch comedy, movie clips, etc that will likely give you a good chuckle or two. Some real knee-slappers! Trust me, you’re gonna laugh.

Saturday - Sixties Saturday: The 60s were kind of the greatest decade in music am I right (with apologies to the 90s)? Dylan, Beatles, Hendrix, The Doors, Motown, etc. the possibilities are endless, much like the decade itself!

Texacaliago is an admittedly obscure and shoddily designed little site, but it’s also a necessary one to house my creative impulses (for better or worse). Perhaps this site can provide you with something to chew on at the most tedious moments of your day, or perhaps not, but whatever the case, it exists, so take from it what you will.

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Hope you enjoy, and cheers to music, and writing.

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music” – Albert Einstein

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“A professional writer is an amateur writer who didn’t quit” – Richard Bach

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospect” – Anais Nin

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” – Ernest Hemmingway

Texacaliago Tuesday - Album of the Week - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik





Here we have my definitive, all-time favorite summertime album.  Not only is Blood Sugar Sex Magik my favorite summer album, it's also probably my favorite 90s album, and one of the most definitive albums of my 20s.  Although I'm now a 34 year old father of 3, this album still clicks with me on virtually all the metaphysical cylinders, especially if I happen to be at a beach on a warm day, beer in hand, or just mobbing through Chicago, or wherever, with the blazing beautiful sun shining down.  This album epitomizes warmth, love, vitality, charisma, sex, fun, sorrow, heart, soul, and of course: magic.  It's the sound of 4 brothers gelling and making absolutely beautifully funky music together.  

I could go on and on about this album, about Frusciante's legendary guitar work, how Flea evolved his playing style to allow for more space and rhythm, how Chad Smith's drumming is coming from another spiritually funky dimension, or how Kiedis's song-writing evolved leaps and bounds, how this album set the tone for the 90s in many respects, how this album was a major influence on my mindset during a pivotal point in my life, beach-zen, etc.  

But I already wrote at length about this album (click album cover for full review), but basically no summertime party or playlist would be complete without Blood Sugar Sex Magik in the mix.  It's essential summertime listening, and regardless of how old I get, I will always love this album.  It's spirit runs through me and has provided the soundtrack to some of the best times in my life.



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