Satisfaction is the Death of Desire



This is a straight-up old-school hardcore metal album through and through, but what makes SITDOD stand out is the incredibly awesome breakdowns that Hatebreed delivers, typically at the end of each song.  And when I say breakdowns, I'm talking about slowing things down and pumping out some of the most deliciously brutal and moshable mid/down tempo riffs I've ever heard.  Half of this album thrashes along with a dutiful and thrashy hardcore punk fervor and the other half is displaying the type of riffs and necksnapping rhythm that makes your average moshpit look like the floor at an N'Sync concert.  What I'm getting at here is this is possibly the best album for pure, unadulterated moshing that you're going to find.  Not much variety to be found here, but that's what makes it such a pure album...and it gets extra points for it's realness, old-school vibe, and sheer intensity.





It would have been practically impossible to top the badassness that was SITDOD, and Perseverance proves that, but Hatebreed definitely brings their fair share of brutally awesome breakdowns on this album.  It's a bit less punky/thrashy and a bit more straight-up metal, but most of the songs on this album offer up the same type of neck-snapping rhythms that made SITDOD such a classic hardcore album.  Perseverance is a bit more polished and mainstream sounding, but this is still fucking Hatebreed we're talking about, so, needless to say it is heaviness personified...prepare to leave your feet.


Rise of Brutality



Hatebreed is kind of a one trick pony, and they perfected that trick on SITDOD.  Here they continue to expand their sound into metalcore, or as some people have called it "bro-core".  It's overall pretty satisfying at times (nobody can cook up a nasty breakdown quite like Hatebreed), but a bit too much filler for my tastes…and fact is they're never going to top SITDOD...so after this album I kind of stopped listening...


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