All Things Must Pass

George Harrison


The predominate vibe of this album is that of warmth, love, and spirituality.  And if that sounds somewhat corny or gushy, well, I suppose it is, but no popular recording artist delivered on those themes as genuinely as George Harrison.  George Harrison was a special person, someone who was deeply in-tuned to his spirituality, and the love and joy he felt for the planet and the greater collective consciousness of its inhabitants is sincerely felt throughout All Things Must Pass.  This record has an almost holy feeling to it in many of the songs, but it's not bogged down with religious dogma and the like.  It's actually genuine, free, loving, and really beautiful at times.  It's like the old cliche of being "spiritual" but "not religious".  This album is kind of he aural epitome of that concept for me personally.  It always reminds me of the holiday season, as it will warm you right up on the coldest December nights.  It's got a feeling of holiday cheer, of a warm fireplace, of that feeling you only when the spirit of the holidays is in the air.  This, of course, may not resonate with everyone, as I just so happened to discover this album December-2010, so it reminds me of that time of year.  Nonetheless, for yours truly, it's really hard not to feel the soul of this album on songs like "My Sweet Lord", the uplifting quality of "Wah Wah", "What Is Life", and "Awaiting On You All", and the resigned poignancy of "Isn't It A Pity" and the classic title track.  But there's also some brooding material to be found here as well, like on "Beware of Darkness" and the incredibly powerful "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp" the latter of which is one of my personal favorite songs of all time.  That song has a certain magic to it that is indescribable for this reviewer.  Perhaps the song that best encapsulates the vibe of the album is the wonderfully sweet "Apple Scruffs".  Such a beautifully sweet tune on an album that permeates a feeling of love and warmth.  George Harrison never made another album close to the quality of All Things Must Pass, so it easily stands as his best work.  I like to think of it as his aural gift to the world, a beautiful piece of music from a beautiful human being.


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