G Love & Special Sauce

G Love & Special Sauce


Street-wise guitarist from Philly rapping while a bluesy/jazzy band lays down the beats behind him.  It's mostly a chill vibe throughout, but it's got some edge to it as well.  Cool shit indeed, steadily good throughout, but nothing particularly great to found here (although I really dig "Garbage Man" in particular).  Overall, this is good background music for hitting the pavement in the city on a chilly day.  Dig it.


Coast to Coast Motel

G Love & Special Sauce


This album has kind of an opposite vibe of their debut.  Whereas their debut was fairly gritty and had a street-wise vibe about it, CTCM sports a more laid-back, playful vibe.  I've always felt like their debut is a good fall/winter city album, and CTCM is a good spring/summer city album, which makes sense being this was recorded in NOLA and their debut was recorded in Philly.  Coast to Coast Motel will put a smile on your face and make you want to kick back and enjoy yourself, so generally speaking I prefer it to their debut, ever so slightly.


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