Maggot Brain



You might expect Funkadelic's best album to be, uh, well, funky right?  If so, you would be correct, but there's much much more going on here than just funk.  In fact, this reviewer would argue that the funk is at times an afterthought, as it's often overshadowed by the guitar playing of Mr. Eddie Hazel, who really steals the show on this album.  Take the instrumental opening track for example.  Hazel's guitar playing is so sublimely beautiful and mellow, it almost melts your face off listening to it.  Legend has it that George Clinton told Hazel to "play guitar like your mama just died".  Whether or not that's true, is sure seems fitting when listening to one of the greatest guitar instrumentals of all-time.  And, on the other end of the spectrum, we have "Super Stupid" which is quite possibly the greatest funk-rock song of all-time.  I mean, this song kicks an incredibly amount of ass.  It sounds like Hendrix-resurrected, albeit less psychedelic and more hard-hitting in style.  It's borderline funk-metal.  Whatever you want to call it, it's exhilarating.  And aside from the phenomenal guitar-work of Mr. Hazel, Maggot Brain also has some great, memorable songs too.  "Can You Get To That" is absolutely fantastic, as is "Hit It and Quit It".  These songs don't blow you away sonically, but they're catchy as hell, with great melodies, variety, and vocals.  They've got soul.  And that's what makes Maggot Brain so great.  It's got a lot of soul, at times mind-blowing, at times hard-hitting, at others laidback, but regardless of the tempo, it's always original and funky.

It is, after all, Funkadelic bitches.


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