Hate Songs In E Minor

Fudge Tunnel


When you're talking about influential 90s metal bands, no one ever talks about Fudge Funnel, and it's really a shame.  These guys did the alternative/sludge thing better than anyone, and their debut album kind of has a punkish edge but with a rad groove which is what I really love about it (and alternative metal in general).  Fudge Tunnel was the real deal with it came to alternative/sludge metal.  Sure a lot of these jams sound the same, and some are too murky/repetitive for their own good, but this is what alternative metal is all about to me in it's purest form. 


Diet Creeps

Fudge Tunnel


My least favorite FT album…"Grey" is badass and one of their best songs, but the rest of the album is pretty hit and miss.


Complicated Futility of Ignorance

Fudge Tunnel


This album sounds like FT recorded it in the pits of hell.  This is their most focused, powerful album...their sound was always aggressive and necksnapping, but here they hone their attack by delivering razor-sharp riffs and more pronouced grooves.  Their thrashy/punkier tendencies are all but gone and replaced with brute force heavy-metal, and it's delivered with their typical brand of unflenching bleakness.  Their most killer riffs and best songs can be found here on their final album, a worthy swansong from one of the 90s most influential and badass alternative metal bands.


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