Foo Fighters

A toy of a futuristic pistol in front of a beige background. The title "Foo Fighters" is seen atop the toy.

Foo Fighters


This is the Foo Fighter's best album…why you ask?  Because it's not so blatantly radio-friendly and corny, which is a pretty good description for at least 90% of their output which came after this.  No, this is a raw, somewhat heavy, and thrashy indie-rock sounding album.  Granted, the 1st 3 songs are pretty catchy, but they also have some killer riffs too (and "Big Me" just puts a smile on your face).  I love the fuzz-soaked guitars on this album, and I particularly have always dug the drumming found here...it's killer.  There are a lot of tasty jams to be found here, as they will definitely get your head bobbing and even get you moshing here and there.  Overall, a very good record from Mr. Grohl, and like I said, the best from the Foo.


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