Soul of a New Machine

Fear Factory


Brutal industrial-death metal…with singing…quite a concept at the time…a handful of classic FF tunes, some of which are quite badass…but a good chunk of the album is too brutal/intense/death-metally for it's own good…or at least for my tastes.



Fear Factory


This is probably Fear Factory's best album, but it's not my favorite.  While this album is quite heavy, it's less heavy on the death-metal when compared to SOANM.  They incorporate more melody and progress-metal tendencies here.  It's the bridge to Obsolete, so it's a bit rawer, and a bit experimental in nature...it's probably a bit heavier too.  Fear Factory literally sounds like a well-oiled industrial-metal machine on Demanufacture.  They play so fast and so precise at times, they sound like cyborgs, which suits their shtick I suppose.  So while this isn't my favorite FF album, if I had pick an album that best represented their sound in it's purest state, it would have to be Demanufacture.



Fear Factory


You're not going to find many FF fans that cite Digitmortal as their favorite FF album, but considering I was really just a casual fan to begin with, it might make more sense why I enjoyed this album most.  Fans complained this one wasn't heavy enough and was too accessible, but this is Fear Factory we're talking about...it's plenty fucking heavy from my prospective, and most of the songs are actually kind of catchy, and at least for me, more satisfying to listen to as a result.  I really liked the choruses at the time, and while they're probably a little too Nu-Metally, Burton was a respectable singer, so they work and sound good.  I also dug their style of attack on this album...more rhythm and groove, and sure, less heavy to a degree, but they still kick ass.  Basically people that complained about this album enjoyed the more death-metal/progressive aspects of FF's sound, and that sound is diluted somewhat on Digimortal, but just because the songs are more immediate, stripped-down, and catchier doesn't mean they suck...anyway...it's my favorite FF album...sue me...



Fear Factory


Pretty good for a Fear Factory album…the first two songs set the tone and are pretty awesome…"Descent" has always been my favorite from the band, and "Timelessness" is a compelling closer to a pretty solid album overall.


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