Electric Wizard



Electric Wizard


To say that Dopethrone sounds like Black Sabbath on steroids really does not truly emphasize the sheer weight and heaviness of this album. It’s more like if Black Sabbath were the size of Godzilla, sinisterly angry, pulverizing buildings, leaving epic craters of destruction in their wake as they stomp and pound large cities into oblivion…on steroids.

You can forgive me if that statement sounds a little half-baked, but I am reviewing of the greatest stoner-doom metal albums of all-time. For my money, it is the greatest doom-metal album of all-time, because it doesn’t F around too much meandering with slow, Frankenstein-esq riffs. Sure, there’s some of that, but when these MFers jam out, it feels like a 17.0 earthquake on the richter scale. The bass and sheer power of some of these jams are so tasty, so menacing, so earth-shatteringly heavy, you just might soil yourself listening to it (see “Funeropolis” and “Weird Tales”). It is truly awesome to behold. Be warned though: if you value your speakers, be it a pair of cans, in your car, in your house, or what have you, proceed with caution, because the low-end bass of some of these monstrous jams just might blow your sound system to smithereens.

That’s how effing heavy it is. So put on a pair of Depends and prepare to get dirty...real dirty.


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