Dope Body



Dope Body


Dope Body are nearly the perfect encapsulation of "heavy music that's hard to define" idea.  This album is full of improvised, somewhat experimental jams and unsettling sonic experiments that are abrasive, kind of funky, and evoke a somewhat sinister atmosphere (i.e. “Obey” and “Old Grey”).  Being a huge fan of demented and raw sonic experimentation, Dope Body is kind of like a wet dream for yours truly.  They’re heavy on harsh distortion and feature somewhat industrialized, hip-hop flavored beats, but it’s all fairly fragmented, as most of the “songs” on the album are actually instrumental/dissonant in nature. And that’s fine by me, because the instrumentation is creative, menacing, and downright wicked enough to keep me engaged throughout the album (granted it is pretty short, but nonetheless). Nothing amazing here, but pretty cool shit if you ask me.


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