You're Living All Over Me

Dinosaur Jr


I know this album is technically considered indie rock, but it actually kind of kicks ass for the most part.  There's a lot of tasty jams to be found here, with some pretty killer guitar playing and heavy distortion, so hence it's right up my alley  It does have that kind of sloppy, raw sound to it, which I guess gives it extra indie cred, but what really makes this album borderline great is J Mascis's singing, which isn't anything amazing mind you, but it suits the stoner/slacker vibe of the album perfectly, and turns a lot of the jams here into affecting songs.  This album has a distinct vibe about it that was certainly way ahead of its time.  It was recorded in 1987, but it doesn't sound remotely like anything else in rock music in 1987.  It sounds like a prelude to the 90s, which is fantastic.  It gets better with repeat listening too...I find it hard to believe that Nirvana wasn't influenced by this...Anyway, a really good, probably great album overall, especially when you consider its influence.


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