Volume 1: Instrumental Driving Music for Felons

Desert Sessions


Somewhere between when Kyuss broke-up and QOTSA was forming, Josh Homme gathered some of his musician friends in the desert in Joshua Tree, CA and jammed out this incredibly amazing piece of delightfully warped and kick-ass desert rock heaven.  You can't find this album anywhere for under $100, but it's almost worth it...it's basically like a more acid-fried experimental version of QOTSA, but with keyboards, strange samples, etc.  So in other words it's incredibly awesome.  It's largely a pretty trippy, droning and warped listening experience, but man is it impressive.  Josh & Co would go on to record future Desert Session records, and while they're all pretty good, they never topped the bizarre brilliance captured on this 1st DS album...fantastically warped...


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