Endangered Philosophies



My biggest complaint with hip-hop/rap since Biggie and 2Pac died is just how mainstream and unabashedly poppy the genre steadily became (thanks Puffy).  It lost it's freshness and edge basically, and in the process became just as stale, vanilla, and predictable as your typical formulaic, flavor of the month pop song.  Or, perhaps even worse, attempts to keep rap "hard" or "real" were either outright pathetic or flatly derivative and inferior versions of what came before it.  Or it just became a little too pretentious and outright arhythmic, too heady or self-absorbed, etc.

I could go on and on, but there have been occasional exceptions over the years, and Dälek happen to be one of them, mostly because their core sound is pretty far removed from sea of trendy mediocrity that has taken over the genre, the past, I don't know, 2 decades now?  Dälek manages to be heady and thought-provoking without sounding pretentious, mainly because the man behind the mic (MC Dälek) doesn't try to "wow" you with lyrical/vocal gymnastics.  His flow is steady and tight, which more importantly suits the lurching, mid/down-tempo beat-heavy sound of the music.  This is rap you can bob your head to and is generally chill in nature, but with a dark undercurrent which makes the sound more compelling overall. That aforementioned dark undercurrent can be attributed to group's heavy use of industrial/noise-rock/droning samples, which helps cast a raw and brooding atmosphere over the steady flow of MC Dälek and the complimentary head-bobbing beats.

So in other words, this isn't a particularly friendly sound going on here, but at the same time it comes off pretty smooth.  You can chill out to this (with a frown), but it's not quite "trip-hop".  This is just dark, edgy, somewhat old-school sounding hip-hop that isn't trying to get on the radio, doesn't overdo it production-wise/lyrics-wise, etc.  It's just steady and lurching in nature.

Nothing amazing really, but for fans of raw mid-90s east-coast hip-hop with industrial-flavored backbeats/samples, this is worth checking out.


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