Here Come The Warm Jets

A close up photo of a mantle with a desk below it. Items on the mantle include a color photo of Brian Eno, a kettle and flowers. Items on the desk below are a black-and-white photo of Eno, flowers, playing cards and cigarettes. In the top left corner of the album cover "Eno" is written. At the bottom left corner of the album, "Here Come the Warm Jets" is written.

Brian Eno


Brian Eno became semi-famous for his groundbreaking ambient records, but before he ventured off into the land of mental wallpaper music, he issued his glam-rock debut album in 1974.  And while it may not have the pizzazz of Bowie's glam records of the same era, HCTWJ is a more compelling listening experience, and was definitely ahead of its time.  This is a frighteningly abstract piece of artwork from Mr. Eno.  It's weirdness has an unsettling and brooding quality about, otherworldly in nature, menacing at times.  It really casts a certain ominous mood as it progresses.  It's awfully queer, and I don't mean that in a bad way, but it certainly adds to the overall trippiness of the music here.  Awfully cerebral...avant-garde...some of this music is playing in certain corners of hell on repeat, but I mean that in the best possible way...a one of a kind album, and easily my favorite from Brian Eno's pre-ambient era.  A somewhat challenging listening experience, but equally rewarding and compelling.


Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

A picture of the album cover depicting a large image of Brian Eno with his hand on his forehead. Surrounding this photo is a frame of twenty unique photos of Eno. Surrounding that frame are 52 smaller unique pictures of Eno.

Brian Eno


This is kind of like Here Come The Jets Part II, except that it's not nearly as good or compelling.  This one has too much tinkering, less focus…the songs don't really grab your attention…there's interesting stuff going on here, but it's just delivered in an underwhelming fashion..  I suppose it's worth a listen, but's hard to say this album is in the same league as HCTWJ, which is a challenging album in it's own right.  TTMBS isn't as challenging, so hence it's less rewarding, and consequently not really worth the time.


Another Green World

A picture of the album cover. In the center is an image made of geometric shapes showing two people inside and a window showing bushes and a man outside. Above this image the words "Another Green World" and "Eno" are written.

Brian Eno


This was Eno's step into purely ambient territory.  It's bleakly unsettling, similar to his prior to efforts, but there's really no guitar/drums/etc to be found here, which adds to its brooding, otherworldly quality.  It has its moments, but ultimately I always found Eno more interesting when he married his ambient/avant-garde tendencies with rock music.  This is, strange has it sounds, too one dimensional, and that dimension can be a bit too mentally draining for my tastes.  Compelling nonetheless (occassionally...)


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