E. 1999 Eternal

Bone Thugs N Harmony


These dudes rap really fast, but there's more to them than that.  1st, they may be from Cleveland, but they have more of a west-coast sound than east coast (probably due to Eazy E's influence), but they've also got this morbid element that shrouds the album in darkness.  Granted, this is gangsta-rap, so of course there's a lot of violence/murder in their lyrics, but they've got that added element of Ouija boards, raps played backwards, etc, so that adds to the sinister atmosphere of the album.  Additionally, there are some bonafide classics to be found here, and with a only a few exceptions, the supporting material is all pretty good.  This is really the only good album Bone ever recorded for all intents and purposes.  It's classic 90s gangsta rap with a twist...good stuff...still holds up...kind of...


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