One Foot in the Grave




To round-out his incredibly prolific, creative, and mind-blowing output of 1994, Beck released One Foot in the Grave, an almost entirely acoustic/folk-centric album that has a few compelling moments.  It's less playful/eclectic than his prior releases, striking a more somber tone, which gives it a distinct sound/personality. His cover of the traditional folk ballad "He's a Mighty Good Leader" is particularly engaging, as are the following 2 tracks "Sleeping Bag" and "I Get Lonesome".  From there though, aside from the all too brief "Hollow Log" (another highlight), the rest of the album is pretty much standard stripped-down acoustic folk fair. Overall, One Foot in the Grave is definitely worth your time, particularly for fans of Beck's Mellow Gold-era. It's the counter-piece, the subdued piece to the eccentric and warped Stereopathetic Soulmanure. Something particularly pure and immediate about Beck's 1994 material, and One Foot in the Grave is a strong testament to that.  Although nothing amazing, it has it's moments, and is an intriguing listen overall.


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