Check Your Head

"Life ain't nothing but a good groove, a good mixtape to put you in the right mood"

That line is a pretty good summation of Check Your Head…it sounds like a long, eccentric mix-tape, some of which might seem forgettable upon first listen, but CYH quickly grows on you after repeated listens, and is overall my favorite album from the BBs.  This is good background music for hitting the pavement in the city, riding the bus, the L, what have you.  It's playful most of the time, edgy as well, and occasionally kind of spacey/trippy.  They recorded this album in California, and you can kind of hear a subtle west-coast influence here.  It's a bit rawer/less fraty/less 80s than "Ill Communication" and less cute/hip/catchy/east coast than "Paul's Boutique" (but no less experimental), which is why I like this album more.  Plus it has "So Whatcha Want" which is my favorite BB song.  Lot of gems to be found here, a sprawling and entertaining listening experience which features, rock, rap, thrash, folk, organs, acoustic guitar, and plenty of samples to boot...

"So put your worries on hold, get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul"...the best from the Beasties


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