Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys


I can't say that I'm a fan of the Beach Boys, but this is a good album.  Predictably, it's a little too corny sounding, but that's to be expected…that said, some of the songs resonate with me on a deeper level, and are undeniably compelling to listen to (i.e. "You Still Believe In Me" and ""That's Not Me".  "Don't Talk" is probaby my favorite song on here.  Really really beautiful, delicate song.  As the album progressess, there is a playful sense of psychedelica that rears its head occasionally too.  There's nothing menacing about it.  It's friendly PG-rated psychedelica.  Overall, Pet Sounds is an interesting album, with some great songs, but after you listen to The Beatles catalog before you listen to this, PS ends up sounding a bit underwhelming in the end.  A bonified classic nonetheless.


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