Bad Brains

Bad Brains


When you grew up listening to alternative/heavy-metal, punk-rock always seems to be missing something…the vast majority of it can't match the intensity/power of heavy-metal, or the experimental nature of alternative-rock, but over time I have come to better appreciate the appeal of punk.  It's not supposed to be overpowering or technical, or even aggro, or experimental, it's just supposed to be raw, real, and generally spunky.  That said, Bad Brains debut manages to marry all those ideas together into one, intense intoxicating blend of badassness...yes, it's super fast, but it's got good rhythm amidst the intensity.  It's got thrashy tendencies, and could at times be mistaken for speed-metal, but it's rawness and recklessness gives it a distinctly punk sound.  The songs are short and to the point, and they all kick-ass.  And in spite of their general sameness, all the songs are good enough and have enough slight variety to keep them all sounding engaging and invigorating as they speed by.  And last but not least, there are a couple of high-quality dub-reggee tunes here that really enhance the overall listening experience, and help give you a break from all the intensity.  I'm not really a huge fan of punk-rock, but this is the real deal, and probably my favorite punk album of all-time...play it loud.


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