Texacaliago Tuesday - Album of the Week - Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever



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Another great thing about summer are road-trips, and if there's one artist who's music personifies the spirit of the open road on a hot summer's day, it's Tom Petty.  This album in particular has such a light-hearted, warm, wistful, yet fun tone about it, it can't help but exude the spirit of summertime.  With apologies to the fantastic Damn The Torpedoes, Full Moon Fever has always been my personal favorite Tom Petty album.  With songs like "Free Fallin", "I Won't Back Down", and "Running Down a Dream", it's pretty hard to go wrong with Full Moon Fever.  The supporting material is also very strong and very easy to listen to as well, making Full Moon Fever one of those somewhat rare albums that is a purely enjoyable, exhilarating, and affecting from start to finish.  

A classic.


Texacaliago Tuesday - Album of the Week - Sublime - 40oz to Freedom




With the arrival of the summer solstice, today marks the official beginning of summer.  There are several albums that I associate with summertime, but perhaps none more-so than Sublime's debut 40oz to Freedom.  That now iconic psychedelic album cover is the perfect representation of summer for me.  It suggests oppressive heat and all the decadence and hedonism that I've always associated with the season.  Partying, playing, celebrating, drinking, drugs, sex, adventure, freedom, love, depression, sleeping late, basically all the things I fancied during my teenage years and early 20s.  Truth be told, I never fully embraced the spirit/sound of this album until I found my own little slice of freedom and happiness in San Francisco back in 04 and particularly 05.  SF is a decidedly anti-Sublime city, both in attitude and weather, but it was California nonetheless, and there were occasional warm days at the surrounding beaches, so there were definitely times when this album fit like a glove.  It's been the soundtrack to some great times in my life, and although I'm older now, whenever the mercury tops the 80 degree mark this album is absolutely essential listening for yours truly, and always brings a smile to my face.  And even though this album has a tossed-off feel to it, and features a whopping 6 covers, the music here is all excellently raw, infectious, often danceable, and always wickedly groovy.  Most importantly, the music is pure, real, and fun.  It's a celebration of the hard-partying, distinctly So-Cal ska/punk lifestyle in the early 90s, and all the love and strife that goes along with that.  I think a lot of people can relate to that vibe. I certainly can.  The music makes it almost impossible not to, at least for me. There's a lot of beauty to be found here in the music, moments of pure bliss mixed in with all the dub-tastic beats. A lot of good memories for me.

Anyway, you get the point, in spite of this albums "flaws" (excessive covers, lack of critical acclaim, etc) 40oz of Freedom is an album that overflows with heart and soul.  It will always be one of my all-time favorite summer albums, and really one of my all-time favorite albums period.

Cheers to the summer solstice and Sublime.

R.I.P. Bradley.

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