Texacaliago Tuesday - Album of the Week - Pixies - Doolittle





Another album that reminds me of spring, Doolittle is probably the best album in the Pixies catalog (with apologies to the highly influential Surfer Rosa and the underrated Trompe le Monde).  The phrase "fuzz-soaked grace" comes to mind when I think of this album.  It's really very pretty in spots, but also has plenty of spunk to go around as well.  It's not quite as spastic/raw as Surfer Rosa, but it does still have plenty of that trademark Pixies spontaneity and quirkiness, it's just that all the rough edges are smoothed out and there's generally more focus on melody here.  The result is a fantastic album chalk full of classic songs ("Debaser", "Wave of Mutilation", "Here Comes Your Man", "Hey", etc).

The Pixies finest hour.


Texacaliago Tuesday - Album of the Week - Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy




Sticking with the spring theme, this (along with LZIII) is another quintessential spring-time album for yours truly. It's an eclectic, generally laid-back album, and probably the most unique record in LZ's entire catalog. It's got a nice mix of mellower tunes like "The Rain Song" and the somewhat trippy "No Quarter", along with more upbeat selections like reggae-infused "D'yer Mak'er" and the celebratory "Dancing Days".  It also happens to have what is probably my favorite LZ song of all time "Over The Hills and Far Away", which is just, you know, such a magically wonderful song (I haven't had my coffee yet to please excuse that half-baked description).  

Anyway, the eclectic mix of sleepy and sunny songs found on Houses of the Holy is why this album really epitomizes Spring to me.  It's a pretty great album, in spite of the fact I like LZI, LZII, LZIII, LZIV, and of course Physical Graffiti better, but it's all splitting hairs really.  Cheers to Spring and cheers to it's aural equivalent: Houses of the Holy.

"It is the springtime of my loving
The second season I am to know
You are the sunlight in my growing
So little warmth I've felt before
It isn't hard to feel me glowing
I watched the fire that grew so low, oh" - The Rain Song

"Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing
Many, many men can't see the open road" - Over the Hills and Far Away

"Dancing days are here again
As the summer evenings grow
I got my flower, I got my power
I got a woman who knows" - Dancing Days



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